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Jose Ferraz
WEDDING CELEBRATION: During the celebration that I prepare, beside describing your unique story of love, I can speak about your religious beliefs, whatever they are (Catholic, Evangelical, Spiritualist, Buddhist, etc.) agnostic or materialist. I will do it in a way that does not embarrass any of your guests who do not have the same convictions. Moreover, the celebration will last around 30 minutes, which is a nice time for everyone, including those who watch standing.
The steps of a celebration are: Entry - Initial greetings - Practices (sand, candles, etc.) - Vows - Rings - Blessing of the Relatives / Delivery Act - Exchange of the Alliances - Kiss - Signatures.

ENGAGEMENT CELEBRATION: A more assured and committed step in the relationship should be celebrated, involving the ritualistic placement of the rings;

COMMITMENT CELEBRATION: When you meet someone you need a motivation and a commitment to begin the journey of self-knowledge. Celebrating this early start means beginning in a very good way a relationship;

VOWS CELEBRATION: The couple celebrate its vows facing everyone assuming the promises of marriage. It does not involve the same ritual that Wedding Celebrations, lasting 15 minutes;

VOWS RENEWALS (Vows’ anniversary every five years): Each year of happy union should be celebrated, and this may occur every five years until you achieve the traditionals Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries;

BREAKING APART: Nowadays, unfortunately, there are many factors of dissolution of marriages, which often does not necessarily mean endless court fights, on the contrary, once past the sorrows, the consideration and respect that remain should be celebrated;

BECOMING PARENTS / EXPECTANCY CELEBRATION: The motivation is to elevate this sublime moment at the highest level of emotion, it happens immediately after or concomitantly with the news of pregnancy;

BECOMING A FAMILY (Adoption of Children): Creates an environment of love and reception for the new family member. Involves parents and family in a celebration of reception of the adopted child;

CHILDREN’S WELCOME (to celebrate births) : special celebration to introduce a child into his new family, involves the Name ritual and "Good Wishes" for the newborn;

YOUNG COMING OF AGE: celebrates the arrival of adulthood, may coincide with 15 years old for the girl or 18 years old for the boy.

FIRST JOB: celebrates in a special way the conquest of the first job, which marks a profound transition with the entry in the working market;

COMING HOME: celebration of the entry into the new house, newly acquired or built, celebrating the efforts and struggle to conquer this Property;

FAMILIES GATHERING: celebrates the important moments with the family, such as exchange trip, various graduations, birthdays, special family moments;

MIDLIFE PASSAGE: celebrations of the arrival of the Midlife, a time of stability and arrival of retirement, to celebrate the success of a life dedicated to professional accomplishment;

PERSONAL RITUAL: everybody can and should celebrate his moments and conquests with himself, with or without the presence of relatives or friends. Realize a celebration to mark a conquest or a personal project.

HONORING THE SEASONS - CELEBRATING THE EARTH: farmers and landworkers or environmentalists and supporters of natural and preservation causes celebrate conquests related to the blessings that Mother Nature offers us;

DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE CELEBRATION: conquests in work, the expected promotion, admission to an exam or conquest of the Driving license cannot pass without a special ceremony;

FUNERAL CEREMONY: such a delicate and painful moment for families deserve a professional with knowledge and skill that can provide comfort through words and rites;

WRITING ACQUISITION: the Writing Aquisition is a memorable moment of childhood that marks the admission to the system of signs that allows access to the world of knowledge. It is an important transition moment in the life of all of us and should be celebrated in a special way;

GOING TO SCHOOL: celebration to ritualize the transition from the familiar world to the social one, going to school leaves profound marks in the child. Celebrate this moment in all its complexity allows awareness of the passage;

SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS: moments such as the delivery of a condominium should be celebrated as the moment when many families begin the formation of a home, in the same way celebrating the inauguration of a new business marks its official beginning and celebrates all the effort provided for its achievement. Ecumenical celebration for graduation;

PET FUNERAL CEREMONY: ceremony dedicated especially to those who have been our company in many important moments of our life and for being faithful companions deserve our respect and consideration. Funeral ceremony for pets.