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Jose Ferraz
José Ferraz - The Celebrant
My name is José Ferraz, I am a philosopher, I studied in seminary, where I learn deeply about the Catholic religion, I am a student of Culture of Religions (where I studied about many different beliefs) and I know a lot about Greek, Roman and Indian cultures. Immersed in these truths, I discovered that the Marriage was not invented by any church, it is an INTRINSIC GOOD of the Human Being and happen by the will of two People Free and Capable and that the engaged are the AUTHORS of the Marriage. I also discovered that celebrations can serve as rites of passage, where we celebrate each new stage in our lives.

I spend many hours to know more about your unique love story and to be able to offer you a Celebration full of personal details, comforting and happy words and also to celebrate it for your friends, relatives and guests. I'm married to Mari Ferraz and every five years I celebrate wedding anniversary with my wife, on December 19, 2010, we celebrated Cristal Wedding Anniversary.

It is a great honor for me to help you to create a magical day of happiness for you.