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Jose Ferraz
Common questions
Look some common questions
  • Are you able to carry out our wedding celebration?

    Yes, I'm trained and talented and I made more than 100 weddings and I declare married based in the authority of the engaged couple which is the author of the wedding, based on the testimony of all the people present and benediction of the parents.

  • When should we book you as our celebrant?

    Once you decided the place, date and time, you should contact me and sign the contract.

  • What is your difference with the Juge of Peace, the Priest, Pastor and the other celebrants?

    The Juge of the Peace does not celebrate, only the civil act, the Priest and the Pastor preach a doctrine and give morals and other celebrants have a their own style that differs a lot from mine, each one has it's talent.

  • How long does last the celebration?

    A personalized celebration lasts between 30-35 minutes and may be longer if you add elements or if there are too many godparents to sign. The "Vows Celebration" lasts 15 minutes.

  • What is the Custom Book of Wedding for? Can I prepare mine?

    In the Book of marriage is recorded everything that was prepared for that moment, this is where the godparents and parents sign and then stay at the front desk in order that everybody can leave messages for the couple. You can prepare your own book, in accordance with the celebrant, and even combine with the photographer to decorate it with pictures of the couple's repetitions.

  • What types of celebration do you perform?

    It is always an exciting ceremony that you, your family and guests can participate. They may have different themes such as poetry, music or speak about religious beliefs of the couple and the family. We can prepare ceremonies for the most important moments of passage of your Life such as birth, parenting, school, employment and even funerals.

  • How do you dress for the celebration?

    I use a black tunic, with a European "Mandarin" style, very elegant and I can adapt myself according to the occasion.

  • How do you charge?

    We charge the fees of the celebrant and his displacement expenses. Prices vary according to schedule and day of the week in order to be accessible to everyone who would like to use our services.

  • What are the Practices during the celebration?

    It is the moment during the celebration that the couple realizes a symbology involving colored sand, candles, water, champagne, or other interlacing, which represent the importance of the union of the couple. I always use to give to the couple a little souvenir to take with them to decorate their new Home.

  • How are the celebrations when one of the spouses is a foreigner?

    Thank you for this question because that type of wedding is each time more frequent, couples that marry abroad and then come to Brazil to make a celebration. I usually do the ceremony in Portuguese and the Vows in the language that the couple uses to communicate between them. We are also required for Vows Celebration as it is done in the United States, that lasts 15 minutes and does not have the same protocols than the Wedding Celebration.

  • Can I celebrate my first job or the going to school of my brothers?

    Yes, all the important moments can and should be celebrated. We can also prepare ceremonies for difficult moments such as funerals or happy like birth of children or acquisition of the new house.